Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh what a weekend!!

I'm tired, cranky & not feeling too good...enough of that tho'!

This week I had the extreme privilege of removing the window a/c's...didn't figure we needed 'em since the mornings have found the house in the mid 50's (brrr).

As a few readers know, we are country living folk. We often see, and catch wildlife. I snap pics of wildlife (inside & outside the house, depending on who's home). I tweet about wildlife. I blog about wildlife...yes, even the big stinky kind!

Well, for most of our summer we have been crazed with trying to figure out what a noise outside the back door is.

My parents, being the original country living folk, heard it one night when they were here. "It's a tree frog" "Oh, that's just a tree frog" they would say.

But people, I mean this was LOUD! it was a funny chirpy, type noise...we (the suave, worldly, Internet educated grown ups that we are) were not convinced...we were not!!

Then I found this big guy! Yep, hiding under the A/C in the back window...
Who'da thunk it (well, besides the parents)!

Please, excuse the windowsill, it's on the list along with the carpets & the windows!

Pretty sure I've never seen a frog with cammo before...but it must work, we couldn't find him!!

See those froggy fingers!? Yep, just like little suction cups...

We kept him until the girls got home from school...then they lovingly placed this "cutie" out in the front woods on another tree!

All in's been just a tiny bit quieter around here...not noticeably so...truthfully, it's never quiet around here....

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