Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Most of you who have been reading here for the last couple years know how my two offspring have the audacity to drive their mother bonkers...sadly too true.

But just last night I was in the living room watching the evening news & I heard voices. Multiple in more than the 2 munchkin voices that I usually hear. So I sat and listened for a couple minutes. This is what was happening...

The 8 year old was reading to the 5 year old. Not just reading, reading & giving the books characters different voices!! I tried to get a sound clip for you...but was spied by the little'un, who saw my hand holding the phone around the corner!!

Not only that, but about 7:45 pm Liyah is sitting @ the table eating some chips & salsa & Lauryn is no where to be seen. I asked Li where her sister was & she says, "She went to bed". Ummmm, okay! Sounds good to me! I went in to check on her & she was all snuggled in ready to sleep. She said she didn't feel sick & there was no indication of a fever...just a tired girly!!
Who knew!? The training, the teaching, the pleading & yelling could eventually end up so well!

There is a slight possibility, that this is an indication of my children growing up...very slight!
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