Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow!

I'm usually ready for the first snow fall. After the hot sticky summer...of which I am not a fan, I love the beautiful color of fall & the sparkly frost of winter.

So today, today is the day!!

All of a sudden it started to sleet. Not fun... But it didn't take 30 seconds before that turned into flakes...

Big, fluffy flakes! The very best kind!

Pretty soon the ground was getting covered! Yeah! Nothing like covering up the ugly brown yard!

This girl was happy! She wants to build a snowman!! Hahaha! Get in the spirit I say...

This man says "wake me up when we r in Nashville"!! Haha!

She of course has to go out in it...I don't blame her. I did the same when I was little!

This won't last long I know...the sun is peaking out before I even finish typing this up! Oh well, it's just the first snow, there's lot more where this came from!!!

How about you? Do you like the snow & winter months? Do you live in it but hate it? Or are you blessed enough (the hubby thinks) to live in a warmer climate where there is little to no snow?

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