Friday, December 23, 2011

Last minute...

Gifts for the girls. Not because I didn't plan ahead, I just didn't execute the plan earlier!

I had been thinking about making a notebook/drawing/art book for the girls for some time. Even had some ideas of what I could use. I decided upon using some colorful cereal boxes. The cereals the girls pick out when they are given choices!

So "Fruity Pebbles" for Liyah & "Cinnamon Toast" for Lauryn....colorful boxes for sure!!

I cut the fronts & backs off the boxes first.
One box measured bigger than the other, but that's ok.

I then measured the paper & cut it to fit inside the covers....

The last two steps may need to be done at your local library or copy center. My dad has a home office with these machines so I'm a lucky duck!!

I laminated the cardboard pieces for the front & back.

Then using his binding machine I punched & bound the paper (I used graph & plain copy paper).

Ta-da!!! Fun, colorful & unique books for the girls to journal, color, draw or write in!!!

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