Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Christmas List...

I haven't done one of these before...usually if you ask me what I want for Christmas I would just say, "Oh, whatever...nothing real important. Maybe something useful, or needed!"

But, this year I thought....well, let's put some thought into this.
I don't buy too many things throughout the year that are just for fun, so maybe this year I will ask "Santa" for some fun things!

ELF Eyeshadow Palette - 32 Piecee.l.f. cosmetics...can u believe only $4 for this (on sale @

Genevieve Lace Overlay Steel Boned Corset Doesn't have to be this exact one...but the idea is out there!

Because I have the need to "read" on the go...and play games, & browse the web....

Pinned Image

Pick a Color...any color (well preferably the aqua or the red!)

Pinned Image

A nice stylish winter coat would be good....................seeing we've lived in Michigan for 5 yrs

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