Monday, December 5, 2011

The Weekend...

was busy with eating breakfast with Santa Claus! Yeah, we're kinda special that way!

No, really, the local library in our small town is forever doing fun things with the kids in the community. The first weekend of December is the annual "Celebration of the Trees". A 3 day weekend of silent auction, cookie walk and the grand finale of breakfast/pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

We, of course were up bright and early. No matter that momma's been trying to rid herself of a monthlong sinus congestion problem and often wakes up with a horrible headache. Forget being sick, onward we go....went!

Breakfast was spectacular, as always, yummy french toast, fruit, cereal, juice and coffee!
We enjoyed every bite (we stayed so long at the library Liyah even went back for seconds...she always hungry!)
The girls had a wonderful time making crafts, listening to stories and then sitting on Santa and Mrs. Santa's lap....they both asked for Zhu Zhu pets...I don't really know why?! They've never been on the Christmas list at home!? The Friends of the Library were generous enough to buy books to be passed out to all the kids that came and visited with Santa. (This is a free event for the community with the silent auction and cookie walk being fundraisers for the Friends of the Library).
Santa & the Mrs. and the Library staff!
My girls were privileged enough to sing with a group of other kids and adults from our church...they caroled in the entry to the library and then made the rounds through out our little town. I like when they went to the "Peddler's Patch" the little antique store. While they sang their little hearts out I browsed to my hearts delight!
What a fun, family oriented way to start our holiday season! The girls and I had a wonderful time...too bad Greg had to work (that only means extra dinero for the girl's stockings this year!).

What are some holiday activities that your community has? Do you and your family enjoy  them? Do you have activities that your family shares with others? Share with me...I'd love to hear!

Merry Christmas...

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