Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My lovely Valentine...

Brought me a delish, Hot Cinnamon Spice tea latte @ work today (he was on his way to work this afternoon)!

He also brought me this...

A handmade Valentine card. It's always special when I get something handmade from him. He's not the craftiest on DIY's, but, that doesn't matter to me, it's always the thought that's really special!


The man of "The Frumpy House" is always leaving me little notes here & there. Even tho' his spelling could always use spellcheck, there is always one thing spelled out perfectly clear....I am one loved "Frumpy House" wife!!
This is hisValentine's letter to me (excerpts):
Baby doll, (yes that's what he calls me)
I can't get out of my mind, colors (colors is underlined).
How colorful you are.
Red- Love you have to offer.
Blue- When you're sad.
Yellow- I picture your smile; bright, cheerful, can light up a room.
Green- Your sense of direction & mission. Your accomplishments; past, present & future.
Pink- The romantic side of you ( he drew a smiley face there).
Purple- Passionate about family & Christ
Gray- Coffee, or when you need a pick me up (prob'ly referring to chocolate).
Black- Not so much-I was going to say when my eyes were closed, but, even then I'm thinking about you. You're always in my heart
Turquoise- vintage (as in I like it, not I am...)
You're just beautiful inside & out.
So many colors can be represented or lived out by you.
....he ends with:
I so enjoyed our time the other night @ Shiraz (a wonderful, WONDERFUL Mediterranean restaurant he found) & look forward to many more dates & romances & conversations & whatever life brings us.
Happy Valentines Day
Your Loving Husband, (that's truth right there)
Now don't think he's sharing his love only w/ me...he surprised the girlies @ school this morning w/ some tulips. He reported happy, surprised faces! He's such a thoughtful, loving & generously giving man!! The females in "The Frumpy House" think he's the bomb!!!
I will say he is my valentine every day!! I love him....immensely!

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