Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Thrift Bug...

keeps biting me!! Not surprised are you? Le *sigh*, me neither...

Yesterday, was one of my days off work, girls were both in school and it was nice and sunny out, a combo that had not happened in a long time! So, I took myself out of the house and made a run to some local thrift stores.

The first was the usual GW, there I found 2 more vintage pillowcases (pinks), and a 1970's game "My Grandmother went to Market" (a memory game), a piece of pottery from "HIVELY" out of Oregon, 4 colored lunch trays, 2 mens shirts (for me) and an adorable Mikasa plate....none of which I have pictures of.

That's because I'm obsessed with the finds at another thrift...Wise Shopper. I was just gonna drive by, but saw something in the front window and had to pull into the parking lot and go inside. Glad I did!

I found a wonderful 2 1/2 Qt. Corning Ware casserole dish from the Buffet Service line. It's a wonderful heavy white (I'm assuming it's ceramic as I don't think they did enamel covered cast iron). It was a little grungy; but warm soapy water and a little baking soda clean that puppy right up!!!
Nicely "made in the USA"!
This beauty came with a black metal, wooden handled tray....they don't call it a buffet server for nothing!

Taa-Daa! She is good at this balancing act!! How handy is that!?

                                   Ain't she purty!! $4...don't hate me.

I would like to know if any of you wiser cooks, chefs,
  or cookware experts could give me an idea if I can
 use this
 on the stove top.
 I'd like to use it for soups and stews!! Thanks!

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