Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh, dear,

it's been almost a month since I've last posted anything on this old blogeroo!! It's not that I don't want to post and share wonderful things with all you who stop by...there's just not anything interesting or wonderful going on during the dull, cloudy grey winter month of January.

The highlight of our month was a trip to Ohio to visit the Man of the Frumpy House's family. Well, they are my family now too, but you know...

As always it was a long and busy weekend. Trying to get around and see as many people as we could. As always on the way home the girls were fussing about not wanting to go home (some was due to knowing they were going to be going back to school ((that's another story)) some had to do with being tired!)

A wonderful tin coin bank that my FIL has....
We had the opportunity to sit and look at some wonderful family pictures...
The rest of our month has been busy with work, church, a little bit of play and some great strides in girly know the kind, if you don't pick it's going, going, GONE!! That, and Lauryn was given the responsibility of doing the dishes after dinner each night, those that are there as G and I have a penchant for doing dishes quickly so that they aren't sitting around on the counters.
It doesn't look like anyone is doing chores...Saturday morning, snowy and Shirley Temple's "Heidi"

I've been going to see the chiropractor (I worked in their office back in my hey day of early 20's) trying to get this horrible pain gone...
The good news is that the pain has subsided about 80% and I'm able to walk upright again.  Most of my problems are in the early morning after being in bed all night...whoowhee, it doesn't help that I'm not a morning person to begin with!! Pray for me, and my family!

After taking the girlies out of school for a Thursday, Friday and Monday for the trip to Ohio...they proceeded to have 2 weeks with a plethora of snow days!! If I'm remembering right they had 3 days of school in the 2 weeks. Lets just say, that those days inevitably fell on my days off. I was glad this Monday, to have the whole house to myself!!!  It was like a mini vacation (even the sun came out a few times).

We are gearing up for Valentines day...on Pinterest there are many ideas for decor and fun crafty things. I would link you to them, but then you would actually think I was going to do them, and then you would be sooo disappointed. I hate to disappoint....
I will be getting boxes and letting the girls decorate them for their school party. Lauryn will make sure of that...believe me!

What's up for you and yours during the winter months? Have you had a mild mannered winter? Or have you gotten the winter weather your region was meant to have? We've truly gotten both...& I'm now ready for spring!!

If it's spring I won't feel so guilty about putting this cutie out...allergies!! I feel bad on the nights where it gets below 0 degrees Fahrenheit & I let her in...just call me a softie!

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