Wednesday, January 4, 2012

He left me home alone...

What else was I supposed to do!?!?
Yesterday was the Girlies first day back to school after their Christmas break...the man of "The Frumpy House" was @ work...I couldn't help myself! I went thrift hunting!!

Having been on a long hiatus due to holiday spending, it was good to be back in the saddle!!

I just drove to my little town's "junk" store. I had been in there a couple weeks ago & had seen a corner fitting end table that would work good for our tv & components.
Alas, that was gone...but I found these lovelies...

They were immediately polished & set in the living room...

End of the couch and...

By the easy chair (which I also bought from this store). My new favorite place to read!!
I also picked through his Christmas things...grabbed a few bits & bobs for crafting w/ next Christmas!!

I also bought some records (my new favorite is Johnny Mathis...

Which I listened to 2 times yesterday!
Some other records for the Girlies!

Because I talked the guy down from $25 to $15 on the 2 end tables I was able to spend $18.75 on the whole kit n kaboodle!!

Yeah for thrifting!

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