Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's been a long time coming....

but I finally found the perfect console record player for our home!!

I've been listening to all our wonderful vinyl on an old portable record that belonged to our small town library, back in the day when they would loan out records and record players!! It was still in working condition, but the speakers were getting shot & I didn't have the knowledge or money to fix them.

'Sides, I wanted a nice console that would hold our flatscreen. One piece of solid furniture, that would do 2 things!! Free up some space, if you know what I mean!!!

So, to tell you the back story. The man of the Frumpy House decided we should all go out on a Saturday night. The four of us Frumpies...get us some pizza (a favorite) & as we are paying I see this cute console player and a vintage stove. I jokingly tell the server "I'll take that and that to go, please!"  Turns out the owner of the family run pizza place has been trying to sell them for over a year!  I spoke with him and got was in the price range of what I've seen on Craigslist, eBay & other places on the web, but of course I offered him $50 less.

We went back this past Saturday with my dad and his truck. The owner said he'd knock off another $50 & wouldn't be held responsible if anything didn't work (it turned on but there was not good reception for the radio there in the restaurant & it hadn't played a record for that amount of time either). Fine by me!!!!

We got this pretty girl home, a 1958 Zenith, and popped a record on it. BLISS!
The radio even comes in decent in our house! Double bonus!!!

Enjoy the pics!

I had been searching for one that opened like this, so we could put the tv on top!! yeah!

Please, excuse the dust. I haven't gotten right down to the nitty-gritty of scrubbing her. Just a quick dusting for now!!

Part of the record collection on the old portable record player stand...some more in a basket by the console player!!
Huh, who knew you could go and have a pizza and find the vintage piece of your dreams at the same time!!  Have you got a great story about an unusual place that you found a great vintage (or non vintage) item?  Tell me about it!!

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