Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When Healthy Eating turns

to Crappy Eating...then you know you may have to do something VERY drastic!!!

Well, I've been doing well this year changing the old eating habits. I've cleaned out the fridge, the pantry and the freezers. I've tried my hand at making recipes healthier, even making my own bread (THAT needs a LOT more work)!!

So, what goes down when momma's not in the house to cook? When there is no more of the processed, pre-packaged, mega multi ingredient foods in the house? Well, the man of the Frumpy House, packs the kids up and takes them to the closest fast food place...Ok, if truth be told, I have done the same thing after working a 10 hour day and picking the kids up from the babysitter.

So, I've determined to get back on the healthy, fresh foods, simple ingredient meals...if it kills my kids or not (seriously they think they can't eat this good stuff...).

Enter the "Make ahead Freezer Meal" frenzy on Pinterest....I have pinned 8 different websites/blogs that give you the lists to make anywhere from 10 -30 freezer meals for the oven or crockpot!! It mostly takes 1/2 a day (Saturday with the girls? or more likely on a school day when I can just get it done and cleaned up fast), chopping, measuring and packaging. I also pinned a place that gives you a list of things you will need for freezing your meals (freezer bags anyone!?).

The other day, while driving, I heard a show on the radio (Focus on the Family) with a guest speaker Mary Beth Lagerborg. She has a couple cook books out that are specific for once a month cooking/freezing meals. She believes it is always good to have a wonderful home cooked meal on hand, you never know when you may have company pop in, or your kids might bring a friend home (heaven help me when that day comes). So I popped over to Amazon.com and made out cheap by buying her book used!! Looking forward to browsing that, and getting my cook on!

Don't worry my friends, this does not mean that the meals at the Frumpy House will be pulled out of the freezer from now on! No, on my days off, I plan on continuing my love of all things culinary! I've also been busy pinning recipes to my "Tastes and Treats" board!!

Next up on the stove top will be this delish sounding "Creamy Avocado Pasta"....oh Yeah!!

                                                         Source: norikoburky.com via Jeanette on Pinterest

Would you like to come for dinner?

The only thing that would make this even better is too be cooking on this beauty!

                                                                    Source: relianceappliance.com via Jeanette on Pinterest

Le Sigh!!

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