Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making the Most of Winter Blahs...

by brightening up the house with lots of color!!

Found these items on recent thrifting excursions!!
This beautiful afghan is SO colorful, and big enough for our queen sized bed!

These delightful Japan stackable mugs still sit on the counter, who wants to hide them in a cupboard!

I couldn't let these get away!! I beautiful red/orange painted metal with plastic lids, made by Kromex.

Couldn't let these stay in the thrift either...they are currently hanging in Li's room!!

I will never pass up on a Bing Crosby record...ever!! Love his voice *swoon*!

And you?! Have you got a blog, Instagram feed or any other internet social sharing site where you post your thrifty finds? I'd love to see them!! Leave a link in my comments...Happy thrifting!

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