Friday, March 16, 2012

My late night t.v. viewing...

brought me to our local PBS station. The title Alone in the Wilderness 2, caught my eye as I was flipping through the 200+ stations that rarely have anything on them....
It was a story of a man, Dick Proenneke, who at 51, decided to leave the life he had behind & venture into the wilderness. The Alaskan wilderness, 1967/68, to be exact! Armed with his 16mms Bolex camera and tripod he filmed enough footage to make into 4 films (Alone in the Wilderness, Alone in the Wilderness 2, Alaska, Silence & Solitude & The Frozen North).

From what I saw last night, and what I've viewed on YouTube, he had plans for a year of living alone in the wilderness. I've gathered that he lived there at least 20+ years. You can read more about Dick Proenneke on Wikipedia.

Go to YouTube via this video or go there and search "Dick Proenneke" or the channel "swererbob" who is the voice and editing talent behind these videos.

I'm all giddy about them! I'm ready to move and live a much simpler life! The man of the Frumpy House says we must take my dad with us, as he would have the knowledge of building a house for us!!!
There would be something so utterly satisfying in building your dwelling from scratch and with all natural supplies, catching your dinner in the fresh water lake at your doorstep and making your dessert from the wild berries that you share with the wildlife around you!!!  Finding out that you don't "need" as much as you thought you did to live a long, satisfying and beautiful life!!

It's my Christmas wish list, not ON my list, this is my list!! To have all of these videos on DVD and Dick's beautiful picture book; "One Man's Wilderness".
My heart is all a flutter thinking of it....Christmas is gonna be a long time coming!!


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