Friday, August 31, 2012

Don't Leave it Hanging...

I have learned the hard way that talking to a child mid-temper tantrum is tantamount to trying to talk a lion out of attacking mid leap...yeah, it doesn't stop anything and only ends in tears and a heap of hurt!!!!

So, we have already gone through the "1-2-3 Magic" magic with you. The time out is rated by the age of the child; one minute in their room, or another doable place, for each year old they are. You as the parent are in charge of how long they stay in there too. Don't think that L can come back out stomping her feet and a "death stare" on her face and do her chores....haha! Not in the Frumpy House!! If in 8 minutes she hasn't come to the conclusion that a pleasant temperament will give her freedom, well dear readers, she gets another 5 in solitary confinement!! You see, I am the parent, I will be the one responsible for her behavior out in this world...some day her employer will call and rain blessings upon my head for her being such a willing and happy worker  **shaking head, waking up from this daydream**.....

Oh! When the child comes out with a willing spirit, life is so joyful and blessed!! She may not feel that, but as long as she is displaying that spirit I'm good with hurdle at a time! The fun thing is, her chore or whatnot is still waiting for her.

The Man of the Frumpy House and I are doing our best to be intentional in our parenting. Not just the disciplining as this small series has shown, but in parenting! We are spending more time talking (not debating, it's not up for debate) about behavior, character, morals, standards, expectations. Talking to the girls at teachable times..."Hey L, see that young boy over there with his mom screaming and crying because she wouldn't buy him the candy? That's not a very pleasant person to be around is it? What do you think he could do, or how do you think he should behave? Do you think his mom would be more willing to listen to his request?" Yeah, you get the idea right?!

Daily, grabbing the opportunity to teach and explain the right and the wrong of interpersonal relationships! to make your way in this world, creating as few waves as you possibly can!

I'm really pleased to tell you....L has taken very well to this type of discipline. Does she like being sent to her room? NO! Number one reason, she has no one to argue with there. Number 2 reason, she is taken away from her audience and she has no reason to carry on! Does she like it when we start the counting....H*ll no!! She starts stating her "case" as it may be. I don't even let it register! If she isn't complying with my direction...I just get up to "2"!!! That is about the time it clicks in her brain..."oh, this isn't going to work like it used to. I guess I'll just do what I need to do and move on with my day"

This DVD has been a blessing! A Godsend...I kid you not...a life/marriage/family saver!

It has enabled me to teach better, to have a talk, a discussion with L. Where before it was always her will against my will, it is now a matter of her opening herself to being more teachable. Not perfectly teachable, not overnight malleable, not even close to being a "Stepford Child", but oh so much better than what it was!!!

That is how, after years of saying that I would never homeschool my child[ren], I am going to be teaching this year. That is why I'm excited about teaching them! That is how I'm going to be ABLE to teach them!! We are all I've said before! I'm looking forward to teaching, training, exploring and learning with my family!

Everyday I'm Learning....

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