Monday, September 10, 2012

A Report Card...

for the Teacher!!

The first week of our first year of Homeschooling is complete! We have actually finished a week and a day! Yay!!

My report card for the first week is B+...I taught what I studied, I taught on the sly fly, I taught with games, pictures and music!! I had a blast! I maybe had higher expectations of what the girls would do, or how they would react to certain things. All in all, I don't have one complaint about their performance, they were on board and on top of things!

L (my oldest) has said that she loves homeschooling and that she wants to homeschool forever!! Prob'ly not going to happen...I'm thinking that she will need to move out of the house at 18 or so!!

Li, loves the schooling, doesn't like not hanging with her friends on and older sis don't cut it when it comes to playing with the "cool kids"!!

Here's a quick look at our week with pics.....

Nature Study...wasn't really happy with my art abilities. Practice, practice!! 

Math is a lot more fun with games!! This memory game is matching the parts of the number 10....(1+9, 3+7, 5+5 etc.)

Home ec is being taught in the Frumpy House! L is learning how to read a recipe and made us pizza for dinner!

Reading "living" books is a major part of our schooling! Find the definition here.

Math...she used to dread she doesn't even know she's doing addition and subtraction.

Always a lunch break...

Give a girl a chance to learn to read 30 words in one week and she thinks she can read a bunch of books!! Go Li!!

Another math game...matching dots. We are using an abacus so this is helpful in recognizing numbers quickly!

Learning about quadrilaterals! Yep, big word, easy concept!!

Writing down all the words that she has learned to read and spell.
The end of our first week! 
The beginning of our second week...late Sunday night means extra cups of coffee for the teacher!!!


 I hope that some snippets of what we have done in the past week isn't boring to you! We had a very exciting week!! There were so many things, that I didn't even get to share with you!!!

Hope that your first week of school (wether homeschooling or sending your sweeties off to school) and that you are all looking forward to what you can learn this school year!!

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  1. I LOVE this idea that you gave YOURself a report card! I personally think you deserve an A! ;0

    I loved being able to follow you along as you moved throughout your week on Instagram. One of your homeschooling pictures is actually how I found you, and how we "met"! I'm relatively new to Instagram and I have to admit, I am kinda addicted. I think I have finally found my social media home, as facebook, twitter, etc. never felt like a good fit to me.

    I am so happy that you decided to contribute something to {Magic of the Mundane} and so grateful that you shared the linky in your post. It means so much to me... I can't wait to see what you link up next week! *wink & giggle*

    1. Thanks Sophia!! I've always loved teaching & now that I'm teaching my own children it's such a blessing! I too love instagram & find it to be my favorite social network! It's the visuals that draw me to it...little windows into others lives/crafts/work/families/heartaches...u get the "picture"...
      Thanks for coming by the blog! It's one of my favorite things to do! WRITE!