Monday, November 5, 2012

When last you read here...

I was a normal, stay-at-home mom. I home-schooled my girls. I fixed meals for my family, I fed my chickens, the dog, the cat. I cleaned the house (when it was too bad for even the dog to stand). I went to work part time (to keep the sanity on an even keel). I went grocery shopping, thrift shopping and paid the bills. I went to the bank, visited the library. Went with the family to a small, country church....


Well, not ALL! I'm still married, still have 2 gorgeous girls, still fix meals (but don't feed the animals anymore) I clean the house. I go shopping....

Changes have occurred tho' such as...I (and the whole family, minus the animals as they weren't allowed) have moved from autumnal Michigan (nee winterish) to sunny California. Yep, you read it right!

Now, if you follow me on FB, instagram or twitter, you probably already know...about the move. That the reason we have moved is due to jobs offered to us here in Cupertino, CA, may not be known by some.  That would be plural, JOBS!

It's a long story, and I want to keep the reader's interest, so I will not go into GREAT detail. I want to share with you WHY we chose to move our family far away from anyone we know (be it family in MI or OH, or friends in WI).

The man of the Frumpy House & I have for the past 6 years in Michigan been in home health care workers. Greg has cared for 2 young gentlemen for the last 6 years, and I have helped in the care of one of these gentlemen for the last 3. We love this kind of work. Previous to moving back to my home state of MI, we lived and worked in Murfreesboro, TN doing in home (live in) care with adults that have Mental Disabilities.  Now that the girls are older (they were 2 years and new born in TN) we have wanted to get back into the the in home (live in) care with the mentally disabled, as opposed to those with physical disabilities.

That brought us to a company called California Community Opportunities. They were not looking for anyone at the time that we first contacted them. Yet, in a round about way they called us back when they had an opening for what is called a Family Teaching Couple, FTC for short.  They were specifically looking to fill this opening with a family, not just a couple.

So, when all was said and done, we would find ourselves within 2 months moved to CA...getting unpacked and looking at 2 weeks of intense training to do this job.  The girls have stayed back in MI with my parents for the week that it took the Man and I to drive the rental truck out here and for this week that the company pays us to get unpacked and settled! Then one of my sisters has graciously volunteered to fly them out here on the 13th of November.

We are beyond excited to have this opportunity to serve others. It's what we like to think this life is minister to those who have less than we ourselves do!

We just got our internet set up today, so that is why I haven't been able to write on this blog of mine! You know that will pick up as we go about living out this new life!

Thanks for hanging around...please, if you have questions, ask away!! There is nothing I like better than to chat with friends...

Note: I am desperately wanting to continue homeschooling the girls. God has also placed us literally 2 roads away from one of the top rated schools in the country (here in Cupertino). So the Man and I have some real thinking (and as we always do, praying) about what would be best for the family. I selfishly want to keep my girls to myself, but I also know with this new job we will be clocking in 60 hour weeks (both G and I) and that may hinder me being able to do a good job of schooling them as before. I'm torn, as I only want what is good for my girlies....if you are so inclined, say a  prayer for my fam as we make this decision!! Thanks a BUNCH!


  1. Congratulations on your new jobs! I looked at the website link, and wow, what a wonderful organization :) Hopefully the 2 young gentlemen you and Mr. Frumpy have been watching understand why yall wont be around anymore. I'm sure they will miss you :)

  2. Thanks Amanda! We are really enjoying California & have made it through our first Thanksgiving away from family & friends! Thankfully the gentlemen we were caring for in MI are behind us coming to CA and pursuing our dream to do this work again!