Sunday, December 16, 2012


The life in Cali is supposed to be laid back and surfer-esque...right dudes? Well, that may be SOME mid-westerners perception...HAH!

Since moving here a month and a half ago I don't think I've yet to catch my breath! I'm reeling still from the intense 2 week training, from the 14 hour days with the ladies (and the kids and the husband and the housework and the meals, and the errands and the grocery shopping...) whew!

I don't want to complain tho'...I still believe God sent us here for a reason. To minister. Did He promise that everything would be good? Did He promise a life of ease? No trials, no stress? No, BUT He does promise that He is with matter what. Period.

It hasn't all been stress and running around like we have no concept of what we should be doing. There are days where we have fun...

Days where we actually enjoy each other....

Times where we are chilling and not worrying....and there will be more of those times. I. Believe. It.

Today, well, today was a day where I laid low. I've struggled with having a sore throat since Wednesday. Earaches and now a cough. Raw honey and cinnamon have come to my rescue...

Greg and the girls went off to church as are the girls. Dressed in what they consider their finest.....

 From head to toe: Hat, she bought at camp last summer. Sweaters, thrifted by mom. Skirt, Thrifted by mom. Mismatched socks, what she found in her drawer...uh, yeah! Shoes, school shoes bought at Paylesss. Style, all her own!!!

From head to toe: Shoes, she found them at the thrift. Dress, she found at the thrift. Sweater, mom found at the thrift. Camera, she found at the thrift (still in the package ...she passed up on a toy for that camera). Bracelet, her hair tie...she usually wears a different color each day!

I gotta say this about the girls...They are not only stylish, they are adaptable.  They have gone from family surrounding them to just us. They have gone from a quiet (well, as quiet as a family of four can be) one family home to a duplex where all manner of noise and behaviors go on all hours of the day and night. They have gone from a small private Christian school, to home now being in a public school and have even had to walk home alone from said school because mommy and daddy were busy with work related things and couldn't get them (it was preplanned). They are awesome in that respect!

I'm soon going to try and update the blog on our holiday trimmings...minus the snow this year! It's seeming and little NOT like Christmas, I gotta say!

Thanks to all you readers for sticking with me, even when I leave this place quiet for too long!!

Blessing to you and yours this holiday season!