Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh, hail the mighty graduate

This week has been one with some firsts for our family. Lauryn is now a graduate! She graduated from Kindergarten on Thursday night. We had honors banquet and graduation. She not only graduated, but did so with A Honor Roll honors for the year, she received the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence and received a certificate for handwriting. She won a trophy for memorizing all her scriptures (a new scripture passage each month), mom should have gotten one too for all her work with her (talk about "pulling teeth"). We are very proud of our strong willed, outspoken, pouting, temper-tantrum throwing, blonde haired, blue eyed daughter (you decide which one I'm talking about!!

Looking forward to getting the beans and tomatoes into the garden this week. I also have to get my last flower bed ready for my sunflower seeds as they are all sprouted and I don't want them to start molding.

Patty has her neurologist appt. Tuesday morning. She will be coming back sometime this week. The girls have actually been asking about Grandma Patty, and said they are looking forward to her coming back! I have half and half feelings about it. It's been relaxing not having the extra responsiblity of showering, dressing, and tucking in that extra person. I do enjoy having her here though, and she will love sitting out in the backyard and looking at the flowers and watching the hummingbirds come and eat.

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