Friday, May 29, 2009

The Work Never Ends...

I have been so busy and enjoying the outdoors that it seems I've come to a complete and utterly unbearable halt when the rain came the last day or two. I'm not the only one in the house who is suffering. Liyah doesn't understand why she can't go out and play, she likes the mud! I don't like the laundry that the mud creates, or the sweeping and mopping, the washing walls and doorknobs and the multiple baths in one day. So, we have been house bound for the last couple days, reading books, playing games and yes, veggin' out in front of cartoons (Phineas and Ferb have such great ideas for things to do on summer vacation).
That doesn't mean mommy gets out of doing work. Liyah got two baths and three outfits the other day. Actually, she was wearing three outfits at one time. She had gotten up and dressed herself in t-shirt, capris, bikini on top of that and a dress on top of that!! Needless to say when the need for the bathroom came around she couldn't get to bottom of it in time and peed on the bathroom rug (well thank the Lord for that, I didn't have to mop up a big puddle). So, strip down and get a quick bath. Then a new outfit (this is technically outfit #4). Dinner that night and mom makes the classic favorite Kool-aid for her kids. Liyah and Lauryn are sitting at the table one minute and the next Lauryn is in Liyah's face and the cup of Kool-aid goes all down the front of her and all over the floor. Hence, Liyah has to strip out of outfit #4 and get a quick bath. Mom has to mop up the puddle that time. Whew, I thought it was over, then Liyah went and put on clean underwear and a clean dress.....ok she going through a princess ballerina phase and wears dresses everyday if she can....then she runs outside while daddy and grandpa are putting in some grapevines in the side yard. But WAIT, mommy catches her and gets her inside before she can get wet and muddy! Then daddy gives her chocolate ice cream later and we have outfit #5 in the laundry with stain removal spray all over it! Waiting for the next load of laundry 'cause mom refuses to do laundry everytime there are dirty clothes and I'd already had my two emergency load limit for the day!!
So who says having to stay inside because of the rainy days has to be boring and not exciting. We have entertainment each and every day!! If the kids don't entertain you with their antics, I'm sure watching mom get through it without blowing a gasket is!
Grandma Patty is coming home June 3 from Ohio. She has had a wonderful visit and time with her sisters. We are looking forward to her coming home. Even the girls have said they are looking forward to her coming back. I'm hoping that she will enjoy the new flower beds and the birds we've been seeing. I'm hoping for nicer weather so we can get through the day without having to walk over each other. I'm hoping for lots of things.....we'll see how the summer goes y'all.

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  1. That nudist colony looks better and better doesn't it!