Sunday, August 23, 2009

I couldn't do this without my family

I wouldn't have any material to share with those out there reading my blog!!
Greg has informed me he and the girls have made a pact (a tight one) that they are going to do their best to continue to give me material for my blog. I'm sure they didn't have to sign any contract to make it a sure thing either!
I love my family, I love, love, love them!!! I did inform them that if they want me to have a long and healthy life they should not hasten my trip to "Insanesville". If Greg wants to be sitting in rocking chairs, gumming down our dinners, and yelling to hear what each other is saying without our hearing aids he'd best let me keep some of my sanity!
This past week has been busy. Everyday G.P. has thought that her sister Linda was coming to take her to Ohio for a visit. I had to keep reminding her that we were meeting her in Dundee on Saturday! It really doesn't do much good, but she wants to know. We successfully passed her on to Linda yesterday. Had a great lunch together before heading back home.
Now the four of us are gearing up to go camping this week ahead. We are going up north to Manton, MI for three nights at a campground where my parents have their RV sitting. It's the first time all summer we've been just the 4 of us, and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time (and quantity) with Greg and the girls, without other responsibilities.
There really isn't much in the way of "stories" to share with you my readers. Except for the fact that I've been looking for the package of ponytail holders for a week and finally found them when I cleaned the kiddie pool in the back yard this afternoon. Of course Liyah didn't know where they were!!!! It was about 200 of those little ouchless bands, had to rake them out of the yard. Hope the cats don't eat them and get "bound up" LOL.

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