Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How does time fly...

so quickly!
It wasn't that long ago that I wrote, was it.
Today has not been a good day, in my head. I haven't wanted anyone to talk to me, touch me, look at me... and of course all that and more has gone on all day. I've wanted to be snappy, selfish, grouchy and hibernate. I've grocery shopped, fixed meals, snacks, boo-boos and hair. I've wanted to scream, yell, cry and whine. I've kissed, hugged, smiled and tried my darnedest to talk nicely to everyone! I've wanted to read, sleep, eat (chocolate) and runaway. I've cooked, cleaned, dressed (myself and 2 others) and worked around the house.
I have done really well at ignoring the dirty bathroom, laundry room, master bedroom (and girls room to be honest). I've read books, played Barbies and dropped of videos @ the library (with 2 overdue books).
Have you ever had "one of those days", this was one for me (and no I'm NOT PMS-ing).

Lauryn starts school on the 31st of this month. G.P. is going down to Ohio again to visit Linda and her other sisters (until Labor Day). Liyah starts pre-school on Sept. 8. Greg and I are starting up a business with my parents. We are going camping next week. I'm needing a hair cut, as well as Lauryn and Liyah. I've got 2 cleaning jobs this week. I don't know why everything has waited until the end of summer vacation to happen but that is the way it's going. Of course if I could have spaced things out I wouldn't be rushed and stressed and then what would I have to write about.
I think I need a good weekend at a really inexpensive spa, sans husband, mother-in-law and children. Girlfriends definitely. I gotta go, the girls are getting tucked in and I want to say goodnight..... FINALLY!

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  1. I've felt that way this week and I don't even have the children, in-law or husband. I do have a boss though and somedays that can count for at least 1 of those. Good thing each day starts new!