Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Kid by any other name....

would be just as confusing.

I recently found myself calling my 2 girls by a nickname... "chicky". I call both of them by the same name, I don't know why. They don't resemble chickens, they don't sound like chickens (okay, maybe they do squawk a lot), and they don't act like..... oh wait they are picky and squawk, and peck at each other (or pick I should say). I digress.... so I don't know why I started this, but it has stuck.
Hubby doesn't seem to understand the concept of one nickname/two children. He thinks they should have different names, so he says Lauryn can be "chicky" and Liyah can be called, "ducky".
He is totally missing the whole picture.... if I call them "chicky" and "ducky" then I have to stop and think of whose name I want to call. I would once again need to use the last few remaining number of brain cells to think of which child I wanted and which name to call. 'Sides this way I can call one name, get both kids and explain/tell/direct/correct both at the same time!! GENIUS!!
Besides, this is still better than calling out "hey you", hubby should be thankful I have kept that nickname for him only.

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