Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter "Doldrums"

They say that the winter depression hits the worst in February... and I believe it. It is going beyond the "spring fever" stage and the "cabin fever" stage, to outright, I don't want to get out of bed and function stage.
I've dealt with depression for years and it seems that every winter it gets worse. The meds don't work as well as they usually do and I'm a royal basket case.
This winter I'm taking it out on my house. I'm getting rid of some things that I don't want anymore. Don't worry dear readers, it is NOT my children (or husband for that matter). No, I've started to feel crowded, antsy and anxious so I'm trying to delete some of the unnecessary items from my house.
Starting in the Kitch/DR area, I've had this old "china cabinet" from my parents early years. It has been used and abused for over 40 yrs. now it's time to say good-bye. I've emptied it and am waiting to send it to the yard sale fund raiser that Lauryn's school is doing the end of this month.
Next I have a LARGE tropical, flowering "tree" in the corner of my dining room that is just plain getting on my nerves. I think where it sits now is the 5th place I have put it this winter (as I had to dig it up and bring it in when it started frosting out). Now, I'm tired of it being there. I don't care that if I set it outside it will die... hey, quit judging me, I haven't made any other "member" of the family stay outside this winter!! Even tho' I am allergic to the cat and dogs that are living in my house.
I would love to tear down a wall or two and open up the floor plan more. Rearrange some of the furniture in the living room, get rid of a large dresser and get a tall one that doesn't take up so much floor space (use your vertical space people), and then when summer gets here I'd love to add a patio on the north side of the house and have some outdoor furniture to enjoy!
Aaahh, but that is what I dream... reality is that I live in a single wide trailer with 3 adults, 2 children (and all the accoutrements), a cat, 2 dogs and one living and growing "tree"!!

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  1. I'd trade dressers with you but then it wouldn't match your set.