Thursday, February 25, 2010

The princess in all of us girls

My two daughters are quite a picture all dressed up in their princess dresses, jewelry and tiara's. They dance and laugh and name the rest of us "king", "queen" and G.P. usually ends up being the "soldier/knight". We put on music (or the ice dancing on the Olympics this past week) and go all out with a ball. Of course Greg gets to be the prince as well as king, he's the only man in the house. He has to dance with the girls and dip them and bow as they curtsy.
Too often, I feel more like the scullery maid, working in the kitchen. I don't take the time to put on the queen's dancing shoes and join the ball. I've been thinking lately how I think I should be more of an example to my girls of how a woman should be. They are on the right track! Sure, they need to know how to do their chores and take care of a household (as do the "princes" in this world) but they need to be a woman of beauty (INSIDE and out). Feminine and graceful, well-spoken and mannerly.
I don't think that I have owned a dress for about 8-10 yrs. They didn't seem important to my wardrobe, my jobs have needed the play type clothes way more than dressy ones. Lauryn often will see a woman on tv with a dress, hair done and nice makeup on and deem her beautiful. What does she see in me, her mom!?
Does she see inner beauty? Does she see a Christ-like woman / wife / mother? Does she see a woman who cares about her appearance and how others see her?
Most days I have to harangue, bribe or threaten dismemberment and sure death to get my girls to brush their teeth and hair! Maybe the day will come soon where they actually do care about how they look and smell!

Quick story (if she ever has a chance to read this blog Lauryn will probably be embarrassed nigh unto death!):
Tuesday of this week was a wonderful field trip for the kids @ Lauryn's school. They went to a camp in the Gladwin area called "The Springs". Now the day was going to include a lot of outdoor activities, sledding, skiing etc. So of course Lauryn had to dress in her layers and snowsuit to stay warm. Well, Lauryn is still not known for her great success in taking bathroom breaks when she should (especially if she is doing something fun). So at breakfast that morning I was telling her how I was a little worried that she would take bathroom breaks and get to the bathroom when she first felt like she had to go and not wait too long, subsequently wetting her pants. She said these words, "Don't worry about it mom, if I wet my pants I just won't tell anyone." EEEEWWWWW! Now, I've not yet been able to convince Lauryn that her plans are not always the best plans, but I did try again. She didn't want to listen.
So, I sent her off on the trip with GREAT TREPIDATION!!
That evening she got home and said she had a great time, etc..... later on sitting and reading with her I smelled something not so pleasant (couldn't quite place the smell). Then Greg was reading a bedtime story to the girls and mentioned something didn't smell very good... (still couldn't figure out what the smell was). Then on to tucking the girls into bed, I was hanging up some clothes in the girls closet and the smell of urine hit me so strong I know what it was! You know that AHA moment!! I said, "Lauryn, you wet your pants today on your field trip didn't you? Your pants smell like pee" Okay, I didn't give her the chance to lie and have to answer a "did you... " question. I just stated the facts and waited for a response. Here's her response, "No, I didn't" "Ummm, hello I know what urine smells like and your pants are so ripe that I can smell them just standing here." I could go on and on, me stating facts, she denying that anything of the sort happened!
Even as I walked out the door and told her she would be getting up early for a shower the next morning, she denied the fact that she had wet her pants!! HMMMM how's THAT for a strong-willed child!!

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