Thursday, March 18, 2010

For those of you who think that my girls haven't given me any good writing material lately let me tell you.....
Monday Lauryn stayed home sick from school and Liyah has no school on Mondays. I'm in the bedroom folding yet another load of laundry and wouldn't you know I have two little girls walking into my room saying, "look mom, we're clowns". They have taken a dish of body butter that Liyah got in her Valentines box and smeared it all over their faces, arms and legs. Whoohoo!

I didn't panic, I didn't even raise my voice. I just looked at them, must have been with a confused look on my face 'cause they laughed and said again, "we are clowns, we have makeup on".
Taking a deep, cleansing breath I said, "well, we'll have to shower you two to get all that off you"
So they hopped into the shower and let the water rinse them off, while I walked down the hall to their mess. Lotion all over the floor, all over my only pair of dress shoes (Liyah was playing dress up) and an empty dish from the body butter!!

Still, I didn't panic, I went and made sure they were cleaned up and dried off. They got clean clothes on and then they started cleaning up the rest of the mess. Liyah scrubbed the carpet and Lauryn got the shoes. Thank the good Lord for whoever came up with the idea of baby wipes, they seriously work to clean up anything!

The carpet is clean, the shoes are shiny and the girls never felt so soft!!!

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