Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For all the Jane's out there....

who think I'm inspiring, or funny, or totally insane thank you! Thank you for reading this mish-mash of thoughts, wrecks and otherwise embarrassing events in my life!
The chillin's actually have been on some good behavior the last month or so. Oh, yes don't fret about me not getting any good material. They are still themselves, every last ornery atom of their anatomy!! They are still fighting, arguing and bickering, with me and Greg and GP and each other!! They are still able to get me tired out before going to bed, and they are still able to make me not want to cook (something I've enjoyed doing since I was young).

Actually, I did "resign" from cooking last week. I took breakfast and lunch time off. Lauryn and Liyah were in charge of fixing their own breakfasts and Lauryn had to pack her own lunch for school. Sure she put up a fight, sure she thought it wasn't fait, sure I stuck to my guns and told her get used to it!

She got the idea I think. I actually heard with my own ears, coming from her pretty little mouth, "Mom, may I have a drink please? I prefer water." SAY WHAT?!?!

Liyah is now 4 and becoming the fashionista. She is a great dresser (in 4 year old styles) and thoroughly loves dressing up (4-6 outfits a day). She loves shopping with me and likes going to the Goodwill stores and scrounging around.... not that it's a real fashion find but she did find a brand new Dora helmet yesterday that fits her perfect!!

To backtrack to where I was going with this story...... she got herself dresses yesterday to go shopping with me and then came to my room and said she was going to be picking out my clothes....did a pretty good job too. It wasn't what I would have picked out and I really did pass up on her shoe choice (dress shoes with 3 inch heels for running errands isn't my style), but it was cute and I enjoyed wearing it!!

Thanks Liyah! Mommy is really looking forward to doing more shopping with you!

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