Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Once again friends it is Wednesday! I am enjoying a wonderful sunny day today. To prove it I have a few wonderful photos that I took this morning, while I was at work! Yes, I came to work this morning and this is what I had [got] to do [enjoy]........

A 98 degree pool......

beautiful view of the river....

a nice spot to view it from.

I can't complain about a job that allows me to get out in the sun, see some local scenery and get a nice suntan (burn if I must be honest!). I was there for 2 hours helping Pete with his pool workout and enjoying my job!

How's your Wednesday been going? Have you had any WOW moments this week? Maybe some non-WOW moments? I've had a few of those, I'm refusing to be broken! I will survive... I have to, I work again tomorrow and have to "suffer" through the same routine! I'm thinking that I should prob'ly bring the sunscreen tomorrow though or I'll have to tell you about my 'OW Wednesday!!

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