Friday, May 14, 2010

I ain't afraid of no....

Well, it's been a crazy week. Liyah had a fever for 3 days and now is producing a great, mucuosy (sue me I make up words) raspy cough! Eeeew, it's a pretty big cough coming from such a small body! Of course she "toots" louder than any little kid I know too (you go girlie)!

Lauryn has been extra- crabby with everyone and about everything! I mean every day she wakes up and makes it known to all within the house that she is NOT a happy person. Mostly she's not happy because, "that's not FAAAIIIIRRRR". I personally can't think of any other reason why she wouldn't be the happy, smiling, bluebird singing on your shoulder kind of kid!!

Lauryn has one more week of school and then the real stuff hits the fan. I think that she likes working soooo much she is going to have 2 chores to do every morning before any t.v., computer, or DS ensues. I know I'm MEAN mommy!! But hey, how else do I get her to be a responsible, upstanding citizen who contributes?!?

Liyah has atleast 2 more weeks of school, I'm almost thinking that she will be going into June one or two weeks (the pre-school is on the same schedule as public schools here). That will hopefully give me enough time to get Lauryn into a good summer routine!

I'm kind of excited about the possibility of getting some help with Patty. She and I met with representatives from Area Agency on Aging yesterday morning and signed her up for the MI Waiver Program. She may be allowed 1-2 hrs of personal care help on a daily basis, 2-4 hrs of hskpng help on a weekly basis and 4-8 hrs of respite (evening) care on a monthly basis!! That will allow Greg and I with the girls to have more family time without having to make sure Patty is with us too. She enjoys doing certain things with us, but other times she'd rather not have to get out (especially in bad weather). And even though to my ears it may sound selfish, I want some time for myself where I don't have to worry about Patty and whether she is ok, and safe.

It's going to be quite a lovely summer (at least in my little imagination). The girls are going to play and have fun (even if I have to force them to), I'm going to get my flower garden done up nice (now that the puppy is gone), Greg's going to enjoy drumming, grilling and (according to him) getting into better shape, and Patty, well Patty is going to be there to watch, worry and make sure the girls and the animals are where they are supposed to be!!

How's your summer looking? Plans being made?

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  1. WORK WORK WORK keeping all the community kids reading during Summer Reading Club! That's my summer