Monday, May 17, 2010

Invasion of the tent worms....

Uggghhh! I cannot believe how many tent worms we have crawling up our back porch this year. I have tried to convince the dog and cat that they should eat them and get the extra protein in their diets. So far they just look at me and think that I'm losing it! They are so right about that.

I did find out that if you put water and soap/detergent of some sort in a spray bottle and spray them they will DIE!! So Liyah and I have been outside spraying them every time we go outside! Iccckk! It is better than smushing the little boogers, the green goo that they leave behind is more work to scrape off the sidewalk than I want.

Other than that interesting little tidbit, there isn't much else to say today!

I did find out that I signed Lauryn up for the wrong camp last week, so I had to call and beg the people to give me a refund. How embarrassing is it to tell someone that you are sending your child to a different camp! Yikes. It's okay, they are giving us a full refund. Greg and I are going to have to go to a class and learn about better communication skills. I think the man on the phone could tell I was a little on edge.... hmmm this could all work in my favor!

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