Friday, June 25, 2010

The Weekend Pt.2

So this part actually starts on Thursday, June 17th. I was at work and I get a little phone call from home. Yep, it's the hubby and he says the Liyah is needing her mommy. Why you ask (I know you wouldn't be reading this unless you really wanted to know), because she has fallen off the platform under the zip line at the grandparents house and has skinned her side from armpit to hip on the tree as she went down.

Okay, sweet she wants her mommy to make her feel "all better". NO, she just wants a new set of ears to scream in as she dramatically lets us know that she doesn't want us to "Look at it, touch it, kiss it (or a mile within the vicinity of it) or put anything mediciney on it". Yikes, I hate it when my kiddoes get hurt, they are WAY too dramatic for me!

So we bandage her up and medicate her with some ibuprophen and she finally falls to sleep. The next day is good, until my sisters wedding rehearsal... ahhh yes the little flower girl is of course the princess of the party and a ballerina to boot. She does very well at the rehearsal (as reported by daddy), but was executing her beautiful ballerina twirls and got a little too dizzy and fell... but being Liyah (did I mention she had a broken arm and four stitches in her forhead before the age of 2?) she had to land with her ear on the corner of the wooden pew in the church. Double ouch-- OUCH, OUCH!!

My mom made sure that the blood wasn't coming from an amputated upper ear and sent her on her way home. Still bleeding when she got there, once again we went through the "don't look, don't touch"... oh you get it now!! I finally convinced her to watch cartoons, laying on her sleeping bag with an icepack on her ear! More ibuprophen and when she finally zonked out I put medicine on her ear and side!!

Whew, then Saturday came. When we picked up Lauryn the first thing she noticed about Liyah was the bruised and bloody ear.... oooh she hates the b-word!

Final note, Liyah made it through the weekend. She did an absolutely awesome job being Auntie's flower girl. Made sure every last rose petal was out of the basket! She has healed up well from her accidents and may only have minor scars to show with the 2 other ones that she has (did I mention she fell on the sidewalk one day and split open her chin? No stitches, but a nice scar).

No wonder Father's day was pretty anticlimactic at our house!

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