Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Wow for this Wednesday!

SO Lauryn is at camp this week..... my firstborn, grown up and gone for a whole week of fun and new friends. How do I feel you ask? (Well, I can pretend you ask because this IS my blog.) I feel surprisingly curious. I thought, after 6.5 yrs. of dealing with an extremely strong-willed, overtly opinionated, and stupendously smart child, that I would enjoy (speak for outright exuberance) a week without her. A 5 day reprieve from the daily grind and wearing down of my motherly authority! I truly thought I would be so excited that I would have some time without the usual "Lauryn Lyrics" of "it's boring", "I don't want to", "I don't like that" and her famous.... "there's nothing to do".
Don't get me wrong, I HAVE loved the quietness of the house, the peaceful mealtimes and the 50% decline in the whining. Yet, I have truly missed her. Talking to her, watching her learn and seeing her get excited about things that I would overlook. I'm soooo curious to know how she is doing! Is she complaining to her counselor? Is she "yucking" every meal? Is she whining about having to brush her teeth and hair, or take a shower? Is she being bossy to the other girls in her group or is she following along with their suggestions?
When is she eating, swimming, playing or sleeping?

This experience has let me look forward to her homecoming. It has allowed me to relax and know that what I tell myself in my mind is true in my heart.... I DO Love my Lauryn!!!!

I love her despite all her shortcomings (she's 6, she doesn't have THAT many yet) and she loves me in spite of mine!!


Some self portraits.....

showing her sassy side.....
and her goofy grin!!

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