Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Busy Birthday Weekend....

So this past Saturday our oldest, aka Lauryn Marie (the 1st strong willed one, the 1st smart one, the 1st pretty one, ok enough bragging huh?) turned 7 years old!!  Yea for her ( yea for mommy having survived the first 7 yrs.) growing up so well.

My mommy heart and head reminisced about her birth, toddler yrs and pre-K.  I told her and Liyah stories about her birth and how she got sick from not being able to breast feed and ending up in the hospital with severe jaundice, and how the 2nd week she was back in the hospital with a high fever.  How she started gaining weight and getting cuter and cuter (so much so that strangers commented on her whenever we went out).  How she finally got hair at 2 yrs.  How daddy's side of that family said she looked like her daddy when he was young and how her mommy's family say she looks exactly like her.

I told her how she would bring me book after book after book after book.... yeah that many! to read to her.  How I found out she could count to 10 @ 18 mos. in her car seat, and mommy had to call daddy and grandma L. to tell them what she had just done.  How she could count the 12 steps going up to her room in Spanish when she was 2 (like Dora!).  How she could site read all her letters to her little sister when she was 3, and tell them all the sounds they made @ 4.

How she got to skip over Kindergarten (she's NOT happy with that, she thinks that Kindergarten is the easiest grade and they still get to play during school time) because she tested right out of the curriculum.  How she is now doing 3rd grade work and reading @ a 5th grade level.  How she gets her smarts from mommy and her attitude from daddy!!  HAHA

Mostly, this weekend we just told her how very proud we are to be her parents.  How she was a baby that was wanted so very much (not planned exactly, but once the line turned blue, she was wanted).  How with each and every year, month, week, and day she has learned so much and become such a beautiful girl, INSIDE and out.  That we would never trade her for any other child ( although I did tell her we would trade her for this adorable toy poodle pups that one of GP's care givers brought with her yesterday).  That she is going to continue growing in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man.

Now I just need to get her to grasp the concept that I am not raising a child, I'm raising her to be a grown up.  I've already planted the seed that when she is 18 she's either in college or working and paying her own way!!  Let's see how that works out, I've only got 11 more years to get her ready!!

Here are a few pics from the "sleep over" she had with her cousin Annie (shame upon mommy's head for forgetting to make "final" arrangements with two other friends until it was too late!).  The pizza and chips n cheese had been devoured, the pop drunk, the cupcakes chowed down and the jammies were on.  Then came the presents and the hanging out part, until movie time (and a 2nd round of cupcakes).

This is Lauryn and Annie reading jokes to each other!  Too funny to watch!

This is the girls playing the "Don't Laugh" game, where they try to make each other laugh without cracking up themselves.

This is NOT Lauryn picking daddy's nose, she's just trying to make him laugh!

Lauryn & Annie with the new "Pillow Pet" unicorn (I cannot stress how that commercial haunts me)

Our happy 7 year old!  The day after her b-day.  Wherein she got to pick a Chinese restaurant (her fave) for lunch (of course all she eats is "sticky" rice and desserts) and sees the movie MegaMind.

All in all, it was a busy weekend and we had a great time.  My family came over on Saturday evening for even more cake and ice cream.  Birthday songs were sung, birthday spankings were given and pinches to grow inches were inflicted!  What a great weekend.

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  1. What a lovely post! I love the second photo of them reading jokes to each other.