Thursday, December 30, 2010

Even tho' it's that time of year....

when the bank account is low and the gift count is high, there is NEVER a wrong time to go out thrifting.  You can't just sit back and wait, someone else may get that perfect "thingie"....right?!  RiGHt!!  TELL ME I'M RIGHT!!  (please)

So, of course, I'm taking advantage of asking my cousin to come down and watch the girlies while I go out and run "errands".  Honest, I'm going out and paying bills, running packages to the PO and stopping @ the grocery store.  YET, there is something sooo wrong about going past a thrift store when you have some free minutes to spare, and not grab the opportunity!!

So, I did!  I went to a Goodwill one day.  Spent some money on the hubby and the girls for a few last minute Christmas gifts.  3 shirts for the hubs & two pair of jeans (all name brands, all for less than $15).  A couple pair of shoes and a new winter hat for Lauryn (had to take the shoes back since one pr too sm, other too lg.)  The hat, perfect!  Oh, and a new grey wool hat for the man too! (I may need to talk him into doing some outfit posts as he is more easily fitted into vintage clothes than I am).

Then my second day out paying bills, and returning above said shoes to Goodwill (which I did & didn't BUY anything there) I stopped @ what I would call a "junk" shop.  Thrift store, yet owned pretty much by a junker/picker, one of those places where u know u'll have to do some digging!!!

I drive by this place about 4-5 X's a month, and keep telling Greg that I want to stop someday and see what he's got, and what kind of prices.  Well, I was alone, and had some time soooo.....

Here's what I found: Origami Made Easy ($1), Pyrex covered dish ($2), Pyrex meas. cup ($1), 2 Bobbsey Twins books (1943 and 1955 editions $1 ea.) and The Triplets Go Places (Teddy, Iva & Iona Baer--anyone else remember these books? $1 ea.).  MY FAV-FAV-FAV purchase!!  The little birdies salt & pepper shakers!!


They were sitting so pretty in a glass case on the countertop.  I saw them as I first came in.  They were marked $4, so I wanted to see what my other options were throughout the store first.  I had found all the rest of my purchases, and went back to look @ these "feathered" friends.  After tallying in my head what I would be spending, I decided I wanted them!

So I asked the man behind the counter (the owner I presume, old, on oxygen, large and hands the size of a gorilla) if I could see the little china birds S & P shakers sitting in the front of the cabinet.  My first breathless moment was when he put his ham of a hand in there and knocked one little birdie off the roost.  Yikes!

Then he grabbed the other bird and the roost and pulled them out ONLY TO DROP THE OTHER BIRD ON THE FLOOR!!!!!   Ahhh, poor little birdie.  He kicked around with the toe of his boot until he found the bird on the floor then bent to pick it up....sad little bird had lost it's tail in the fall!!  Sad little big me!!  The big, old, oxygen tank tethered man couldn't find the I asked if I could come behind the counter & look for it!  He said, "yes" & I went back there and found the little guys tail laying on the edge of the cabinet!!  

It was a clean break, so I was still considering buying the little cuties & fixin it!  The guy says, "if you still want it I'll sell it to you 'cheep, cheep'"  HA!  I told him, I'd go $2 on it (1/2 off and I'm not going to ReSell them, they r too cute).  SCORE!!

So, now the birdie is fixed & enjoying a life of freedom outside of it's little glass case!

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the pie/plate holder I got @ the same store for $2!!  I've been looking for one of them.  Right now it's a perfect stand for some of my  S & P shakers!!

Did you thrift over the holidays?  Was it for you, or someone else?  We thrifted for most of our family gifts this year....even the girlies bought for each other @ Goodwill!  They did an awesome job finding each other gifts that were really appreciated by the other one!!

Drop me a comment & some links if you have a thrifty blog!  I love to read of other's finds!

Happy Holidays & a VERY BLESSED NEW YEAR from the Frumpy House to your house!!


  1. I read the Triplets books as a kid! I remember those!

  2. I love looking at what others buy out thrifting! You'll have to join up on the Penny Worthy Project-great place to see and share thrifting treasures! <3

  3. what a funny story-sad too cuz you predicted what might happen and it did! They are so cute-not something you find very often or at all! Love the "Gorilla ham hands" Ha, Ha,!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!