Friday, December 31, 2010

My Top 10.....

Love/Hate Relationships of 2010!!  I know hate is a strong word, but work with me people!  There are many things/people in life that cause us to be annoyed, perturbed & down right INSANE!!  This is just my short list of the things in my daily life over the past year that have contributed to the insanity.....

#10: My Laundry "room"....sure, it's a necessity when you have a family of 5.  That doesn't mean I have to love it!!  It's open to the public, it's messy (no matter how many times I organize) & it's right inside my back door.  Yet, it cleans our clothes, holds our coats & on rare occasions when she sneaks in it keeps the cat warm!

We won't even discuss my love/hate relationship with the bra!!

Rating on the Love/Hate scale: 2 out of 5 <3's
My resolution: keep it cleaner, buy more organizational tools, keep the cat out!

#9: The girlies room...yea, I think every mom has a love/hate relationship with their kid's rooms!!  I love that it is cute, colorful, girlie & shared.  Hate, that it's in a perpetual state of upheaval (like my emotions upon seeing it)!
Too many toys?  What else is a kid to do?!

Rating on the Love/Hate scale: 3 out of 5 <3's
My resolution:  Stay out & relax!  This too shall did for me!

#8: The oven....okay, I've made mention before that I'm not a baker.  I do LOVE to cook tho'.  So why the love/hate?  It's old, it stinks and it won't come clean (no matter what I use).  On the other hand, I love fixing meals and hot tea.  I love that it will bake, when I want to pop open the box of cake mix!

I like my cast iron grill/griddle it's worth one <3!!

Rating on Love/Hate scale: 4 out of 5 <3's
My resolution:  Save money up this year to get a new one!!  'Nuff said

#7: My closets....the new ones that we bought.  The ones that I measured the walls for...the ones that were supposed to fit!!  HAHA
I love that they hold a lot of junk stuff, hate that they block the one large, south facing window in my bedroom!

Here they are in there big brown glory!!

Rating on the Love/Hate scale: 3 out of 5 <3's
My Resolution: Deal with the size (it was my fault) & possibly cover them with paper.

#6: The pantry....for those of you who may not have one, I sincerely apologize for the lack of discipline in making mine worthy of being called a pantry!  I love that it is so large!  Walk in pantry anyone?!  I hate that it is so big & is one of the few places I have to store things!  Yes, yes that is a nice sized freezer in my pantry.  Please, don't have pantry's not all it's cracked up to be.

Yep, the micro is in there too.  The shelves on the door my dad salvaged @ the dump & hung for me!

Rating on the Love/Hate scale: 4 out of 5 <3's
My resolution:  Stock what I need, get rid of the unused & buy more storage containers

#5: My new gadget....the nebulizer.  I hate that it ties me down for 90 minutes a day.  LOVE that after a treatment I can breathe.  Okay, the breathing thing should clue me in that this is not a thing to be hated.....
I'm actually breathing on it while posting!

Rating on the Love/Hate scale: 4 out of 5  <3's
My resolution:  To work @ getting better, so I don't have to use this long term

#4 & #3: My kitchen/dining room flooring & my bathtub/surround.  Yep, it's definitely Hate here.....the flooring is old lino that has seen better days.  No matter what I use to scrub it, it does not come clean.  Add to that the fact that it's WHITE....and did I mention the family of 5!!

The bathtub/surround...what can I say.  I have to love it a little, it's the place I can go to get clean (I like being clean & smelling nicely).  Yet, the surround is loose from the wall and grows things behind it, I know it washes out when I scrub.  The garden tub isn't my cup of tea either.  The short, stubby legs make it "slightly" dangerous to get in & out of!!

Self explanatory people!!!
Rating on the Love/Hate scale:  3 out of 5 <3's
My Resolution: Short of renovating both rooms, keep it as clean as possible.  Try not to lose the sanity over it!

#2: The couch.  Oh, how I have LOVED my couch!!  I have gone through 2 pregnancies (& now a bout of pneumonia) sleeping on this couch!!  It's been a soft place to sink into & relax.  It's days of being useful is over I'm afraid.  It has succumbed to children jumping, and the hubby "plopping" down!!  I think I feel tears coming on......

Oh, the Humanity!!!  Spare Me!!

Rating on the Love/Hate scale: 4 out of 5 <3's
My resolution:  Keep hunting for the perfect vintage/ MCM couch!!  Hope I find it soon or someone's gonna get goosed!!

#1: My Family!!  Yes, you know them.  The whole reason I started writing this blog.  The main reason for the insanity of my life!  I hate that they are all stubborn, opinionated, strong-willed and grumpy (note: "they" haha).  I LOVE that they love me!  They love me for who I am.  They love me no matter what I look like.  They love me when I'm sick or feeling good.  They love me when I'm in a depression & they love me when I'm feeling good and enjoying them life.  They love me through my stubborness, opinions, strong-will and grumpiness!  Yea, I know, they are pretty awesome!!

The family!

Rating on the Love/Hate scale: 5 out of 5 <3's
My Resolution:  To love them better, smile more, laugh more,  be patient with them more & listen more.  To help them become better people, my mission this coming year 2011!

Thank you, to all my readers, who have gone through the year with me!  I may not know you, you may not have commented (what's up with that, I don't bite) but I'm hoping that the things I've written and shared have inspired, challenged, changed & mostly kept you from going over the edge to insanity!

Blessings to all this coming year, may we all challenge ourselves to be better moms, dads, CHILDREN, MIL and people in general.  Love, Jeanette

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  1. If we lived closer, we could have loaned you a nebulizer compressor. We have three collecting dust in a closet.