Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Things we do at Christmas

Since I haven't been able to get online and post on the blog this past week, while recuperating, I've tried to get a few pictures on the good ol' iPhone.  So that when I was able to get on the computer....I'd have something to share with all of you good readers.  So here goes.....

We started out the holiday season with Liyah doing her pre-schools "Holiday Sing".  I was working that night and couldn't make it to the little recital (according to the songs she sang me later that night it was a repeat performance of last years).  Greg said she did great, she loves her some singing and performing.  Greg tried to take pics with his cell and was told in no uncertain terms that it was full!!  Full!?  Why aren't phones programmed to give you fair warning that they are going to be full, so you can get a new SD card or download....hmmmm.  Didn't get any pics.

Lauryn's school program came next.  She is in a class of students learning to play the penny whistle this year.  They performed "Mary had a Little Lamb" since we believe Mary had baby Jesus, the Lamb of God.  She was sooo excited.  She also likes to get up and perform, although she will tell you she is shy!

She wore a new dress I ordered her from Miss Jenny's "Frecklewonder" shop on  (Miss Jenny has awesome taste in vintage clothes and accessories....check 'em out!!)

She did really well, considering she didn't practice @ home much!!  

On the 12th of Dec. we got together with my family.  Dad, mom, sisters and fams (except my youngest sister and her family as they live in FL.  That's why we did early Christmas 'cause the parents were getting ready to head down to spend Christmas with them).  It's a fairly simple gathering.  We used to do the whole "get everyone presents/draw names and buy presents" thing.  Now it is just a night where the grandkids get presents from grandpa and grandma, Aunt Cheryl (who doesn't have her own) & my parents give socks to all the grown children (w/ a $50 bill in them!).

The girls loved opening the first presents of the season....of course.  Aunt Cheryl does books for all the kids since she's a librarian.  They love that.  She also did some Halloween costumes, that were marked 75% or more off, for the girlies this year.  To add to their dress up drawer!!  Oh, that was a BIG hit....for daddy too.


Li wanted to do a craft the other day.  So we got out some construction paper, I drew some block letters and the little girly cut them out.  She did such a good job, I was pleasantly surprised.  We taped them to a ribbon and hung a garland over our dining room windows.

(yes, that is a blanket over the window.  It's so cold there by the table I covered them the other morning so GP wouldn't freeze while she was eating)

Then I found this link on twitter from @thriftcore.
To make these pretty little stars.  I've got them done now....strung on a string to hang as garland.  Due to the hernia, I'm not allowed to hang them, so they are still waiting!

But they are soooo cute, and pretty easy with these directions here.

This past Sunday was a get together for my dad's side of the family.  We drove an hour north to have a delish dinner with aunts, uncles, cousins and anyone else who wanted to come!!

The food is always great at these gatherings.  Some of the kiddos had presents from parents to open, we opted out of getting the girls a gift.  Aunt Janice always gives out Beanie Baby Bears each Christmas, so they got a gift anyway.

Li playing with some cousins

Lauryn actually eating, just turkey and a dinner roll (+ dessert of course)

Beautiful snow covered trees on our way home!

Now we are waiting, having a countdown of the days.  The girls have been excited each morning this week of Christmas break.  They think every morning they are going to come out and find presents under the tree!

I'm planning on making a turkey breast and all the fixin's for Christmas day.  My sister Cheryl is coming over, since she's single and the parental units are out of state.  We are planning on some yummy food, gift opening, and some games.  Maybe  Christmas movie or two!  

My mantra this Christmas has been don't over do it.  Not that I usually do!  I'm not all into the craziness of holiday prep.  I'm liking things simple.  The less I have to do, the better off  everyone is!

I actually downsized from a 7' tree this year to an adorable 4' white tree!!  Yea!!  I'll post some of those pics later today!

Have you some wonderful holiday joy.  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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