Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Search for the Tree....

has ended!!  Yea, for me!  I wasn't in the mood to decorate a 7' tree again this year (thank goodness I had already made up my mind about that before I got pneumonia) & had sold our artificial tree in a school fund raising yard sale last spring.

So this year there was the need for a new tree.  Now it has been within the last year that I've gotten interested in the vintage thing online (blogs, etsy, ebay, etc.).   Last year I wasn't even thinking about vintage trees, let alone a WHITE tree!!  But after seeing some beauteous white trees on some of the blogs I frequent, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

Well.... ebay had some, but the bidding didn't end till too close to get them, put 'em up and decorate.  Lauryn, you know the contrary one, said ick to a white tree.  Heaven forbid it should be a 4 footer!

But, who's the momma?!  That's right, MOI!!

So, since I was sick and didn't have the energy to go out shopping....I checked out ebay.  Found a perfect New 4' white pine tree!!  yeehaw....purchased it and it was @ our house in 3 days.

Lauryn was quite disappointed in the size until she saw it all lit up (with vintage lights I bought @ a yard sale this fall for .25),

Had the tree in one spot, changed it to a different one!

These little angels are my favs.  Made with lace, pipe cleaners, feathers, pom poms and other adorable things.  (set of 12 from mom)

found a set of tiny vintage snowmen ornaments @ above mentioned yard sale!  Too cute

a couple vintage ornaments that came from Greg's mom!

Our tree topper!!  A vintage cardboard angel with angel hair .  It was my parents first tree topper!

Well, that is that.  Momma got her tree, and momma's happy!!  The girlies like it too, even if at first trepeditious!  Greg, he doesn't long as there is a place for the presents, eh!

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