Thursday, March 10, 2011

When life gives you....

STRESS....cry a little, or scream it out, or laugh until you feel like you are a wet noodle!
One way or another I'm sure that you will release some of the stress...I know, I've used all these methods in the past month!!

So, I'm at work today.  Which for most people means NOT being able to do things like: Twitter, Blog, FB, etsy (or other shop) updates, email, YouTube...etc.  For me it means I have wifi & lots of free time!!  Because my work place is a young man's apartment (OH STOP!! you know I'm not that kinda girl!).   Where I (& my husband) work 50 hours a week caring for this young man with Cerebral Palsy.  It's a 10 hour day, Mon.-Fri.  So since we are actively hands on work about 4-5 hours of these days we have the opportunity to get on our situation if you ask me!!!

So, I usually plan my blog posts & etsy shop updates for those Wed. & Thurs. I'm at work.  See?  It is usually a great situation.  Mr. P goes about his business of working on his computer, watching movies/tv, playing around on his iPad or iPhone or iPod or having friends over, then I get down to my business!

So, today I came with new Canon camera in my bag & pics of items to list in my shop....then my Mac tells me the iPhoto spot is full & I can't download anymore photos.  So I've done a big edit of all the pics that are/were on there thinking that that would make some room....apparently not!  I still can't download off the camera, & I'm too illiterate to figure out what I need to do!  Ugghhh!

Guess what else?  I had some pics that I wanted to share & post about, but can't get them up either. Sorry, I think that this was just not supposed to be "the" day!

See my sad face?  Yeah, that's right I've got a little stress......I'm at do I take care of the stress here?  Eat!  Sounds about right!

Crunching away.....


  1. I was a caregiver for a young lady with Cerebral Palsy. I would also do overnights with her and got paid to sleep!

  2. Stress? Welcome to Mrs Stress-Head!! LOL! Usually I frown (hence the wrinkles on my forehead) and make funny grunting noises. hehe! Good luck with the camera. Chocolate is always really helpful! :)