Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yeah Yeah....

I know you have missed me terribly! I actually miss blogging & writing things out. "Getting things off my chest" if you will (@ my cup size I've been wanting things off my chest for YEARS!!).

I feel as if I'm on an upward motion as far as my emotional side is going. Not that the weather is cooperating with me getting some sunshine, but better in spite!

We had GP to a dementia specialist last week. Greg & I both took the day off to go. We needed to see if there were any different meds out there that would help relieve some of her anxiety (especially when Greg or I are going out of the house). So far it is alleviating the majority of her symptoms although she is still crying & pacing. The really good news is she is no longer getting up @ the butt-crack of dawn & pacing around....this momma is not as young as she was when there were babies eating all night, that's why we had no more babies folks!!

So we are getting more sleep, that's always a good thing! It also means we aren't crashing & snoring as soon as girlies & GP go to bed, which may or may not mean more "couple[ing]" time!

I'm having to do some blog posts from my iPhone while @ work lately (hence the lack of eye catching photos). Since I'll have the laptop back from the Hubby tomorrow I'll be sure to post an extra special post then!! So come back y'all, pull up a chair & read to your little hearts content!!

ATTENTION FOLKS!! I've been writing the insanity of my life for almost 2 full years now! In April I would like to have a giveaway for those of you who follow my blog & cherish every little word I write! hehe. So keep reading & following & I will post som'n som'n soon!! LUV!

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  1. You're not planning on giving away one or you kids are ya?