Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I have a great....

husband! Now for you friends that have been reading for sometime, you may think that I only have complaints about the hub-a-roo.  NO, really!! 

He is the kind of husband, dad & son that only wants those around him to have a fun time.  To make sure that each person is busy, & doing something fun (sometimes he gives the girls ideas of things to do so that he can lay on the couch & take a quick nap....do you really blame the man?!)

Well, when Greg's mom was with us we shuffled our work week around so that we would have one of us home each day...it was not easy, but it was doable!

So, Greg works 2/10 hr. days & I work 2/10 hr. days....thus giving us a 40 hour work week.

 Greg was home with the girls just a couple weeks ago and put them thru the paces of "school".  Oh, he had a music class, writing class, art class, gym class & the girls' favorite (Greg's too I think) nature class!!

We live in front of 80 some wooded acres that belongs to my dad, grandpa & uncle. So we have quite a bit of space to "explore" for our nature hikes.  Not to mention there is a wonderful babbling brook & laughing river back there too!

Of course, if people get to go on a hike, so do the animals....Maddie, one 14 year old beagle/boston terrier mix & our feral cat "litttle Mammma" who came to us pregnant,  about 4 years ago.

To tell the whole story here I have to tell you that Maddie is quite the hunter.  She to this day, that we know, of has caught & killed 2 of these, many of these, a plethora of these, and sadly at least a couple of these.

She's a beagle/boston terrier, you can't really blame her....

Here's the scenario....walk in the woods with camera, bucket (for all the cool things found), dog, cat, dad & two girlies!!

Everything's going great, they are finding the usual detritus from the woodlands.

Pine Cones
Wild Strawberries

A Babbling Brook
Then they happened upon a most EXQUISITE find!!! Well, actually Maddie came upon it...literally drug it out of hiding....

An Adorable Newborn!
Being a good little critter & hiding away under the bushes...where momma prob'ly put it.  Until the meanie Maddie came & drug it out by it's hind leg!!
Please, hold the comments until the end...they kept Maddie from gnawing on the poor little thing (closed her up in the garage so she couldn't go back out there & have fresh meat for dinner)!  Greg & the girls left her right there where she was found.  Greg & I walked back there that night with Maddie & let her sniff around....no baby was found!  Momma must have come & led the little one away from danger!! YEAH!

Of course not before the girlies got a chance to do something they may never do again....

Lauryn & the fawn...

Liyah & the fawn....

Of course the girls had to get daddy holding it!!

All ended well, and the girls (Greg too) got to see nature at it's sweetest!  I'm kinda bummed that I didn't get to see the cute little critter!!

NOTE: All photography in this blog was taken by Lauryn, & her picture was taken by daddy! Thanks for the great pics Lauryn!!