Wednesday, June 8, 2011

She is the best of times....

She is the worst of times!! Yes, my lovely Lauryn! My first born, my golden haired beauty, my strong willed eldest!!

She can go for days at a time being petulant, moody, oppositional & grotesquely whiney!! Yet the girl has all the lights on, plus a few amped up flashlights if you know what I mean!!

She has brains in her belfry. Illustrious gray matter in her noggin. She's got them there smarts y'all!!!

Lauryn is blessed with many things....she is quite stunning with her blue almond shaped eyes, symmetrical facial features, naturally curly blonde hair.....she has an outgoing personality, odd little sense of humor & smarts from somewhere other than maternal or paternal!!

Golly, that girly is S.M.A.R.T.

We are blessed enough to send her to a private Christian school which not only teaches her her ABC's and 123's, but the beliefs that we hold dear!!

The end of the year is much like any other school! She got her last report card, a printout of how she scored on the National CAT testing and of course the bill!! Everything looked great, well it had been great all year! She'd been on A Honor roll each quarter (95% avg or above in each subject) so nothing new to us!

Then comes Honors Banquet, where all students are recognized for their achievements throughout the year! Yeah Tigers!!!

We were sitting toward the back of the auditorium, due to the nonstop action of the 5 yr old girly!! But we weren't missing a thing!

Imagine with me, blah, blah, blah, disrespect to anyone, it's just fewer words when you "blah" a bunch out!!

Outstanding work by all! Lauryn's name was called & she was given her certificates for music (did you see the penny whistle post?), volleyball (she actually got to play a game this year due to kids being sick & the other school having a young team too), and pins for recognition in each subject that she had the highest % (or GPA).

Ummm, HELLO! 5 PINS!! Heck yeah!! That's my girl!!!

Math, social studies, science, English, and spelling!! Whoooeee!

She had so many things to hang onto, she started dropping them!

Then comes the fun part....trophy time!!
I was back in my seat after rushing up to take pictures of her getting her certificates & pins....

When they said the honors of highest GPA for 1st thru 5th grade levels goes to "Lauryn"!! I decided maybe I should get a pic. Then they said the highest number of PACES (the curriculum is made up of workbooks that are an avg of 25 pages long, each student must complete 3 books in each subject (Lauryn had 7 subjects) each 9 week quarter w/ above 80% on their tests) for the 1st thru 5th grades, "Lauryn" yeah! Wait I'm coming for pictures, stay there....

Posing for me....she looked upset about the wait didn't she!?!?

Okay, that's all the excitement a momma can take! I was about to burst my buttons, and NO it was not from the fine dinner we had beforehand!

So the night progresses & many other wonderful students get awards....then some more come Lauryn's way!

Our retired principle still comes to the school everyday & works with the students who may need a little extra help. She is very involved in the group 'Daughters of the American Revolution'. Embarrassing as it is I'm not sure what all this group does, but they are national. Each fall the children are given a topic to write an essay on & draw a stamp. This years topic was "keeping history alive"....I think! Eeep!! Bad mommy....anywhoo, Lauryn won 1st in her grade level for district, state & honorable mention @ national level. I'm pretty impressed & she was given a $10 prize, she was VERY impressed!

The last major award of the night goes to the students who have memorized 8 months of scripture (a passage of about 12-20 verses)! Lauryn received a trophy for that accomplishment too!!

Whew, this has been a lengthy post. I usually try to keep my insanity to a low level...but for reals, this stuff is too good to not share!!

SO CONGRATS LAURYN, you've gone and doned us parental units proud!!!!

Oh, did I fail to mention Lauryn is 7 and just completed the 3rd grade?!? No? Well, I tried to tell ya the girly is S.M.A.R.T.....she's also a smarty pants (so don't hate, I'll be the first to tell you none of us is perfect)!!

I Love my Lauryn & I'm really excited to see where her smarts will take her in life!!

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  1. I would say that she gets her Smarts from her Aunt since I'm missing some but even I didn't do that well in 3rd grade.