Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's up!!

Yesterday was Memorial Day! We as a nation celebrate the freedoms we have, by remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice of life! We also remember others who have died before us.

We live right across from a large cemetery. So every Memorial day weekend we see more traffic than we see through the majority of the rest of our year.

Monday morning my thoughts were to go to a large flea market in the area. Meet up with some friends & spend the morning walking around & drooling over some vintage things.
It wasn't meant to be!!

My mom called at 8:30, & told me she was gearin up to plant the garden...our garden. The plot is on mom & dad's property, but for the past 2 years we've all enjoyed the planting, harvesting & EATING the fresh produce!!

So that's how I spent my Memorial day....the morning atleast!

Planted: radishes, carrots, beets, cucumber, corn, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers & winter squash!!

TOMATOES!! prob'ly my fav summer food!!

Yep, the girl's garden was growing too! White lilacs off my Mom's bush!! Heee!

Of course, this is how we do it in our neck of the woods!! Barefoot, hillbilly style!!

I truly hope that your Memorial weekend was full of family, fun & the focus of our freedom!!

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