Thursday, May 26, 2011

A little about the Insanity...

at the Frumpy House.  The home, and the people who live therein.

It has been 2 1/2 years since I started writing the blog.....calling Sane a 4 letter word.  We do NOT use 4 letter words in our house (although, if I'm being all truthful & such I have thought of plenty 4 letter words). 

We opened our house for Greg's mother to come & live with us 2 1/2 years ago.  She had been diagnosed sometime in 2003 or 04 with frontotemperal dementia.  Unable to live alone after a few years, she had lived with some other family members that were able to care for her.

Then in January of 2009, we were able to take her in and care for her.  Well, as some of you readers may know that is what led me to start this blog....the insanity that ensued was almost the end of me!!  I think that if there were no nights to sleep & recharge I would have so been in the looney bin!  You see the blog title has nothing to do with's all about this momma's sanity, and the testing thereof!!

At that time Patty was still able to do some things for herself (and even when she couldn't she tried...) the girlies were both little,  everything seemed to be going on at once.  I wasn't working outside the home at the time, although for sanity's sake I did start working in December of that year.

Now, tho' it's a pretty quiet house.  There isn't the insanity that I experienced the last 2 years.  The girlies are both older, more settled & not into everything (only her own closet & drawer, Liyah).  They are looking forward to summer vacay & both being in school this fall!!

So.  This is my question....should I change the name of my blog?  It being no longer insane, & Sane being more freely spoken of & used in context to our daily lives.  What's your opinion?  I have an etsy shop that is called "The Frumpy House" could be a tie in title to this blog.  Sharing more of our family, everyday, thrifting, crafting, life experiences.  Things that we are doing as a family, not so much focused on how momma has to hide in the closet to keep from devouring her young.  

I'd value some other bloggers can leave me some comments (please, it's like a dry and barren wasteland in my comment box...I've seen a vulture circling for the last 2 months, & even he's getting skeletal looking)

If you think the change would be to difficult for the 24 followers I have to handle....I understand....change has been a little difficult for us lately too!  Bear with me tho'.  I don't want to be just known as the insane mum who only writes about her what do you think?  Should a change be in the works....or shall I keep Sane on my 4 letter word list???????

PS...for those of you desperate to read a missing post here's one I wrote that got posted @ the beginning of this blog (as if it was my first blog post).  Here'tis:

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