Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A story from "The Frumpy House"

as most of my followers/readers out there know, I have an etsy shop...a shop for vintage items.  If you didn't know, check out the righthand sidebar on my blog that links to the shop and has pics of newly listed items.

This is just some info for you who may like to shop vintage....

A few weeks ago, Greg and I, made an impromptu day trip to Detroit.  We had never been there together. I hadn't been there since I was a kid.

My mom's sister, Joyce has lived and worked in Detroit for the last 35 yrs or so.  She has been at a mission in the downtown area.  Well, the mission has of course people giving them things (some people leave them their whole home & contents) to do with as they want.  Usually, they sell the homes and items to help fund the mission.  One of the things my aunt does throughout the summer is run yard sales.  Just down the block from the mission they have a large (I mean LARGE) garage/storage facility that is just piled high with items that they set out, hang up or pile up for people to look at and buy.

Well, in a visit with my aunt a few weeks previously I had mentioned my shop and that I was selling vintage things that I had thrifted or found at sales (yard, garage, flea etc).  She said come on down and have a look through the items we have.  If you find something you can sell, sell it and we can split the profit....

So of course, we made the trip!

I wish I had taken pics of the place.  It was amazing.  Like going to the largest rummage sale ever!!  Rummage I did....for hours, to my hearts content.  I found some pretty amazing and fun things.  I was digging through huge bags of clothes, as in moving these bags out of the way to get to some boxes, to get to boxed items that I hoped would hold some treasures.

Treasures found!!  So, here are some pics that show a few of the things I have listed.  There are more to come!!

Vermillion, Springfield, MO 100% Walnut Salad Set***

The biggest Granny Square afghan EVER!!

Mattel toy gun, not listed yet, have to research!

The 100% Wool Beret, not the cutie, is for sale!

Lincoln, Beautyware Coffee and Tea Canisters 

Pretty in Pink '50's Salt, Pepper and Vinegar Set

Melamine Fish shaped Hors d'oeuvre Set!

There is soooo much more, I'm hoping to head back to the Motor City and find some more goodies, possibly @ the end of the summer!!  We'd like to take the girls to the Detroit Zoo....Maybe a dual purpose trip!

***So, I'm thinking of marking items that are from the mission in the shop.  Would it make any difference to any of you readers in making a purchase if you knew a certain percentage was going to a good cause?  Let me know what you think, I may or may not, depending on feedback!

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  1. Looks like you found some good stuff! I would love to rummage around a place like that!

    I just opened my Etsy shop selling vintage items too! It's a lot of work!

    Hope you're doing well!