Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The end...

It has been a long 2 1/2 weeks since I wrote last. It has bothered me that I haven't written, but there has been no inspiration. No drive. No sarcasm. No crazies. Just tiredness, real bone deep tiredness.

You see, Grandma Patty is gone from our lives here on this earth.

The woman, who when she first laid eyes on me, smiled a huge smile, hugged me tight & said she was so happy to meet me.

The woman who came & stayed with me when I had Lauryn. When she could still travel to Nashville on her own. Who could still cook & did it very well I must say!!

The same woman who came when Liyah was born. Who had to get a ride to Murfreesboro, TN. Who couldn't cook anymore without forgetting that she had burners on....yet could still take a morning walk with Lauryn just to give me a break from a toddler.

The very same woman who spoiled all four of her granddaughters with every penny she could spare. Who loved to hold them, cuddle them & hum to them when she could no longer remember the words to the songs she knew so well.

The same woman who moved in to live with us. Utterly unable to care for herself, so frustrated that she KNEW what she wanted to say & do, but unable to make her mouth speak or her hands work as she used to!

The same woman who loved her sons unconditionally, her 4 sisters & 2 brothers unequivocally!! The one who missed her "mommy" unashamedly when she passed away.

The one who in her last 10 days of life could not eat or drink. Who when a favorite niece called her to tell her she loved her, found the strength to raise her arms & let out a moan. Who continued to tap her toes to the Southern Gospel music, until there was no strength to do so.

This woman, who has been so much to so many. A daughter & sister first of all. A best friend & niece & aunt secondly.

Who loved her boys & granddaughters with her whole being, even through the 8 years of dementia taking away her mind & mobility.

This is the Grandma Patty we will miss.

Will I miss the early morning wanderings? No.
Will I miss the ever challenging mealtimes? No
Will I miss the hit & misses when it came to toileting? NO!

I WILL miss the smile, the laughter, the shopping, the movies, the family get togethers @ Camp Coutney in NC. I will miss her not being here to see her granddaughters grow up. For her to be around giving them good memories of their Grandma Patty.

This one thing I know...she is in a better place! I don't say that lightly. I believe it! I believe there is a God, who loves his creation. I know Patty believed in God & was his adopted heir to his kingdom. I also believe that in heaven there is no crying, no pain, no weakness or loneliness! I know that she has a new body, a new mind & is relishing the fellowship with her Lord & her loved ones!!

Though we are sad she is no longer here to see, to hug to talk to....we are so very joyful that there is going to be a heavenly reunion & she will be more than she ever was on this old earth!!

With love we said our good byes & with love we will greet her with hugs in heaven!!

Grandma Patty's hand, held many times throughout our week of bedside vigil. She left her human body knowing her family loved her dearly!

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  1. Very sorry but glad for your blessings of Grandma Patty!

  2. so sorry for your loss. That's good that you are able to think of all the good memories.