Saturday, July 9, 2011


To get back in my groove, my schedule, my "loco-motive"!! Trying to just plain concentrate on life & living it. It seems like my body is here (believe me it's all still here), but the mind isn't focusing.

Maybe it's the fact that we had an unexpected extra week off work. Greg's been home all week, picking up after everyone, doing load after load of laundry (after load, after load!!).

Maybe it's the fact that the girls don't seem to want to even try to get along & play with each other, or friends that come to play.

With the week long bedside vigil, the weeklong trip for funeral, visiting family & the benefit concert. Staying @ brother & sister in laws house is a blessing, but it's not the same as staying in your own home, with your own bed & your own chores!!

In all of this I've missed my blogging. My etsy work (from the shopping, to the pictures & listing). My routine. Who new I was such a stickler for schedules!!!! HAHAHAHA!

This morning the girls & Greg were up early. I had the privilege of sleeping with Lauryn in my bed last night....sleeping being a relative term! While Greg & Liyah had a sleepover in the living room after our movie. Let's just say, this mom slept in til almost 9 am....& then drug myself out of the bed for some coffee!

We were all outside early this morning. While they were all running around crazy playing tag, hide n seek & hitting the wiffle ball I was walking around looking at the plants in my flower beds. They are mostly all flowering now so I got to take some made me feel some better. Doing something that is more familiar & calming.

The skies this morning! Beautiful & bright!

My hollyhocks have almost all gone, blossomed while we were out of town.

One of my three lavender bushes has blossomed. I was watching a honeybee buzz around, he's in this pic somewhere!

Most of my roses blossomed while we were gone too. This is just a little bud starting to open.

Some "Mary Beans" growing on the bush...maybe they will be ready by next week!

So Greg & I are back to our regular work schedule next week. Hopefully that means I'll feel more like myself, & actually feel like a productive part of this family again (not just the cook, cleaner & referee)!!

How is everyone else's summer going!?
I continue to see pics on Twitter & Instagram of other produce from gardens...our big garden down @ my Mom's house might actually give up some veggies next week! Yeah, I can hardly wait for fresh homegrown veg again!!

I'm looking forward to finding "normal" again, no matter how insane it may appear to others!

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