Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Going back

To school...the daddy version!

Well, today is the day that The Frumpy house has been waiting for.... Daddy starts college!

He's been talking about it and thinking about it and debating the pros and cons and praying about it for about FIVE YEARS!!

YEP, this man I'm married to doesn't go into things with out a lot of prayer, thought and research!! Quite the opposite of me really...that's for later discussion!

Tonight is his first class. He says he's nervous, excited and quite naturally clueless. He graduated from high school in 1989...it's been a looooong time since he's HAD to crack the books and do some tests.

There really isn't anything that he couldn't learn. He's learned learning a lot just being married to moi!!

He's taking the CDL, truck driving course. It will be two semesters and a 3-4 month training on the road program. So this time next year he should be able to get himself and job driving.

Because it's so new, and he isn't sure about wether he wants to be gone from the family for long periods of time...we have agreed that 1-2 years of driving is the goal. With the ability to get out of debt to my parents being the ultimate goal....

So, here's to you Mr Frump......Good luck, God Bless! I'm soo proud of you, and so are the girlies!

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