Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We are Drowning in Science....

These days!  The Frumpy House is all a flutter with learning about scientific things....yep, we like to dabble in the sciences!

First up, Lauryn with her Biology (a-herm)...The Human Body!
I have successfully steered her clear of the reproductive goings on in the human body. I guess it may not be appropriate for a 7 year old to have the goings on of reproduction on her story board!! She has successfully labeled and found interesting facts about the 7 different human body functions or parts.

Like did you know that you can fit 600,000 skin cells into an area the size of a postage stamp? Yep, you can...it's scientific!

To keep her project kid and grandparent friendly we are including a video from the ever popular "Schoolhouse Rock" series.....

The Little'un, Liyah is a Kindergartener this year...which to her means she gets to do things that she's seen her sister do for the past 3 years!

She chose to study Animal Science....as in the Mammal and Aviary critters!
Specifically, she is studying animal foot prints.  She's learning to match the foot prints with the animals...she making it a nice interactive display.

She's gonna make a quiz sheet for all her visitors, see how smart they are!! Hmmm, momma's thinking she should buy candy for the test takers! Smarties for those who pass, and Dum-Dum suckers for those who don't!! HAHAHAHA (I prob'ly will cause I'm that kinda sick mom....)

We are researching, finding, printing, writing, cutting, pasting and learning so much around here, we don't quite know how to handle it!!

Any fun school projects happening at your house yet? Share any links with me if you blog about it!!

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