Thursday, October 20, 2011

Change is a good thing...

Especially life changes...well, most of the time anyway.

Two things that have happened this year that have made a great impact on me and the blog.
1. GP (Grandma Patty) moving out of our house into a nursing home, and then passing away at the end of June.
2. The girls turning 5 and 8...getting more mature and independent. Not to say they aren't instigators of the insanity, but less so.

So I have taken it upon myself to change the blog address and blog name. It may not be what is easiest...I will have to redo a lot of work getting the word out about the blog and hoping readers don't lose track of me!

The Frumpy House, is the name of my etsy shop. Don't think that this will turn into a blog promoting my shop, oh no! That will continue to be a part of it, but it will continue to be about life in the Frump's house. Our ups, downs, laughs, tears, in and will definitely still share the craziness!

Yet, I hope that it will be a fun read, a relaxing, challenging and somewhat crazy peek into  my life as a wife, mom, vintage finder...and all around cook and bottle washer!

Thank you all for the last 2 years of reading. The rants, the whining, the shining moments of our little life in the country...I hope you will continue on this journey with me!

Stop by, read a bit, chat with me...we love company @ The Frumpy House. I hope you'll come often!

~~~Love, the Frumpy Mum

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