Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I would share what I did today...

But then you really may think this is turning into a cooking blog...oh heaven help you if it did!!

The Hubs took the work day today, as he's doing some monkeying w/ his iPhone & the ios5 upgrade. So I got to stay home w/ the little'un, as she doesn't go to Kinder on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

We started out w/ crafts, record playing, coloring & laundry. Lunch of a grilled PB & chocolate chip sammy for her. A grilled cheese & Chalula sammy for moi!!

After lunch we did nail painting, movie watching & reading!

Momma baked some apple muffins while the girlies were @ grandma's house....they were actually baked apple donuts from the "Nerdy Baker"'s blog (http://nerdybaker.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/oven-baked-apple-donuts/) they are delish.

Although, surprise surprise....neither one of the girls wanna eat them.

The girls came home for dinner, of which they are complaining loudly right now as I ignore them and type away as if what they say doesn't bother me (to be honest it does...)

What is there to complain about really!?!? Chicken, 4 cheese risotto, mixed veg & the "awful" muffins. PUH-LEASE!!! how much more child friendly can it get!?!?

I'm about ready to give up....good thing the Greg man is coming home! He always likes my cooking!!

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  1. Maybe I should start eating at your house n the girlies can eat the cardboard in my freezer n cupboards